Activity Report and Accounts

2014 / 2015


What an eventful year for PSE!

Against a challenging economic backdrop – the rise of the dollar against the euro driving us to ever greater efficiency – we attracted more than 6,700 children to our programmes this year.

The multidimensional support we provide the children and their families, from early childhood (for some) until they find a job (for all) means we have witnessed, over the years, our youngsters’ success and their integration into Cambodian society.


Activity Report for 2014/2015



Complete transparency of our accounts


91% of our expenditure is directed to our social programmes helping the children and their families in Cambodia.

Overheads mainly cover the salaries and expenses of our team in Versailles, transport costs, bank charges and communication costs. Thanks to a dynamic branch network support PSE, made up of volunteers, fundraising expenses are minimal.


Income and expenditure

99% of our income comes from private sources. Sponsorship – regular donations specifically to cover the cost of the children's care in our programmes – accounts for a significant proportion of the funding for our activities. One-off donations and corporate sponsorship supplements this, in particular allowing us to deliver our projects and investments.

In Cambodia 82% of our spending is dedicated to the education and vocational training programmes. Our accounts are audited on an annual basis.

The summary of accounts for 2014/2015
The detailed accounts for 2014/2015

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